Chips&Technologies Inc.

Chips&Technologies Inc. (21)

Founded in 1984. Bought by Intel in 1997. Sold to Asiliant Technologies in 2000.
Focused on mobile graphics.
1st card - CS8240 (256kB - 1985) - 1st non IBM EGA chipset
last card - 69030 (4MB - 1999)

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Dual HiQVideo accelerator with integrated 4MB SDRAM.

HiQVideo mobile accelerator with integrated 2MB SDR memory.

High Performance MultiMedia Flat Panel / CRT GUI Accelerator with Embedded PanelLink Interface.

High performance mobile controller also used in industrial controllers.

True 64bit high performance mobile controller with increased max mem size to 4MB.

64bit high performance mobile controller.

High Performance Flat Panel / CRT GUI Accelerator with XRAM cache.

High performance mobile controller with PCI support and GUI acceleration. Belongs to Mustang family.

Cheaper mobile version of 65545 missing PCI, GUI and cursor acceleration.

High performance mobile controller.

High performance GUI and CAD accelerator known also as Wingine DGX.

1st SVGA mobile adapter along with F65520.

1st SVGA mobile chip.

CAD card, fully backwards compatible with IBM® 8514/A.

CAD card, fully backwards compatible with IBM® 8514/A.

High end Super VGA card.

Lowend VGA solution. Support up to 16 cards in one system.

Entry level VGA solution.

Dual chip with vga compatibility.

More integrated EGA chipset from 4 to 1 chip.