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Intel 740

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Core: Intel 740 66MHz 64bit 
Memory: 8MB SDR 100MHz 64bit
Bus: AGP 2x Made: 350nm Transistors: 3,5 milion
Pixel pipelines: 1 TMU per pipeline: 1
 DirectX:OpenGL: 1.1 Year: 1998
Memory bandwith: 528 MB/s
Pixel write speed: 66 MPixel/s Texel write speed: 66 MTexel/s

QDI Legend 740 QDI Legend 740
QDI Legend 740 QDI Legend 740
QDI Legend 740  HQ QDI Legend 740 HQ
QDI Legend 740  HQ QDI Legend 740 HQ
Intel 740 Intel 740
Intel 740 Intel 740

Comments (2)
  • Zsolt Pal  - my first

    My very first card, was working in a 5x86, with 8Mb EDO ram and a 800Mb hdd. Then I upgraded to a PII 300celeron and kept the card, the first game I played on it was the Homeworld. Probably the best 3D experience in my life... Became forfeit very soon due to the lack of software support. As I know, Intel quit the vga market after this up until last year..

  • Zaatharen

    Well Intel started to make chipsets with their solutions, which were not so good in 3D. I cant start even 3DMark 2000 on this.

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