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Tag: AGP Pro Ordering
Intergraph Intense3D Wildcat 4110 VIO (MSMT664)
Core: Chips B69000 (2D) + Wildcat 4110 ?MHz ?bitMemory: 64MB SDR 128bit FrameBuffer + 64MB SDR 64bit Texture memory + 8MB 64bit DirectBurst + 2MB for DosYear: 1999 Bus: AGP Pro (2x mode)Made: ? µm Links: Press manual OpenGL
Core: NV10 135MHz 256bitMemory: 64MB SDR / DDR 166 / 333MHz 128bitYear: 1999 Bus: AGP 4x / AGP ProMade: TSMC 220nm Price: $850 Links: Hothardware Wikipedia Opengl Press
3Dlabs Wildcat II 5110
Core: Wildcat II ?MHz ?bitMemory: 64MB Frame buffer 128bit + 64MB Texture buffer 64bit + 16MB DirectBurst 64bit SDR ?MHzYear: 2001 Bus: AGP Pro 4xMade: ? Price: $2,000 to $2,400 (bundled with premium workstations) Links: Pdf Press Review Tomshardware
Intergraph Intense3D Wildcat 4110
Core: Wildcat ?MHz ?bitMemory: 64MB Frame buffer 128bit + 64MB Texture buffer 64bit + 8MB DirectBurst 64bit SDR ?MHzYear: 1999 Bus: AGP Pro 2xMade: ? Links: Pdf Press
3Dlabs Wildcat4 7110
Core: Wildcat4 ?MHz ?bitMemory: 128MB Frame buffer 128bit + 128MB Texture buffer 64bit DDR ?MHzYear: 2002 Bus: AGP Pro 8xMade: ? Links: Pdf Pdf manual Press Beyond3D
Intergraph Intense3D Wildcat 4210 (MSMT527)
Core: Wildcat 4210 ?MHz ?bitMemory: 128MB SDR 256bit FrameBuffer + 128MB SDR 128bit Texture memory + 32MB 64bit DirectBurstYear: 2000 Bus: AGP Pro+PCIMade: ? µm Links: Viewperf manual info
HP Visualize fx4+
Core: HP ?MHz ?bitMemory: 18MB SGR FrameBuffer 192bit + 16MB SDR optional Texture module ?MHz ?bitYear: 1997 Bus: AGP Pro+PCIMade: Canada Links: Press manual Pdf Pdf

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