Professional Cards 2D (23)

Various professional cards used for 2D graphics. Date means release of card, not chip powering it.

1st Dual DVI card based on mobile S3 Savage/MX supporting max 4 screens on 2 cards.

Industrial card based on Trident TVGA8900C.

Dual screen card for medical imaging applications.

Dualhead solution based on Cirrus Logic CL-GD5465-HC-C Laguna3D.

Dualhead card based on Cirrus Logic CL-GD5480.

Dualhead card based on S3 Trio64V+.

Remote control card for Compaq ProLiant servers.

2D graphics accelerator used for document image processing (DIP).

Dualhead card based on 2 S3 Savage4 GT chips.

Quadhead card based on 4 S3 Trio64V2/DX chips.

Card for medical use in radiology.

64bit CAD accelerator.

64bit CAD addon accelerator.

Image acquisition board that processes data from various electronic image sensors.

Dualhead VL-Bus solution based on S3 Vision864.

Dualhead solution based on various S3 Vision chips.

Early pre-TIGA workstation-card with support for quite high resolutions.

Card for medical use in radiology.

Addon CAD accelerator.

Dual/quad head card based on 2/4 NVIDIA RIVA 128 chips.

Dualhead ISA card based on S3 86C801-R chips.

Highend 2D accelerator based on 3 S3 Vision864 chips.

Unknown card.