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Western Digital WD90C31A-ZS

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GUI accelerator.


Vlask's chip:

Western Digital WD90C31A-ZS
Western Digital WD90C31A-ZS
Western Digital WD90C31A-ZS
WD90C31A-ZS chips
WD90C31A-ZS chips
WD90C31A-ZS chips

Additional Info

  • Made by: Western Digital
  • Codename: WD90C31A ZS
  • Bus: ISA 16bit
  • Memory Size: 512kB
  • Max Memory Size: 1MB
  • Memory Type: DRAM
  • Year: 1992
  • Card Type: VGA
  • Owned by: Vlask (chip/not working)
  • Sold by: WD
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# RE: Western Digital WD90C31A-ZSsx 2017-05-13 21:21

This graphics add-on unit was used on i386/i486 based single board computers from Siemens (or better Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme, SNI), I think.

Somebody has an idea what's the designation of the cable fitting on the top connector? Is it an VGA feature connector? What was the purpose of these adapters?

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